Affordable career coaching courses designed specifically for international students to find work in Australia.

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ISCC (International Student Career Coaching) Australia offer online career coaching courses specifically designed by international students, for international students, looking for a paid job in their area of expertise in Australia. With our Silver, Gold and Platinum course options we offer the flexibility of the full online course studied at your own pace andwhere, anytime plus some one-on-one personal training and a package that offers unlimited one-on-one personal coaching that GUARANTEES you a job in your area of expertise at the end of it.

Don't follow what everyone else is doing, learn the tips, tricks and hacks around recruitment and what companies are REALLY looking for.

Our founder Karl Rowlands has a background of technical recruitment both in Europe and in Australia and for the last four years has been working to help find international students internship opportunities in Sydney and now places high profile candidates at boardroom level to companies on the ASX100.
Are the courses right for me?
ISCC Australia is the best investment you will ever make if any of the following applies to you:

  • You are in your first year at University and you want to make certain that you find a position in your field of study rather than having to pay thousands on costly qualifications after graduating.

  • You want to avoid paying thousands of dollars doing an unpaid internship and would rather apply and successfully find a job in your chosen subject area yourself.

  • The lengthy and expensive work readiness courses are not for you and you would prefer not to attend months of classes and have to work unpaid.

  • You would prefer to get the best career coaching advice without paying thousands of dollars for sessions with coaches inexperienced in dealing with international students.

  • You need to find an employer to sponsor you to remain in the country but are not confident on how to approach the market correctly.

  • You have the qualifications but are inexperienced in approaching companies, speaking to the decision makers directly, cold calling and mapping the market effectively. We will provide you with the tools required and will teach you how to do all of this effectively.

  • You want to give yourself the best possible chance to succeed and ensure you enjoy a long and successful time here in Australia by being sponsored by an Australian business.

  • You don't want to have to pass an IELTS examination and pay over $300 for every attempt to gain visa points for immigration applications

Don't just take our word for it...
  1. I initially took the online course with ISCC Australia in my second year of University. By the start of my third year I was in my dream role in Australia. I literally can't believe how much I have learnt from this course, its the best $600 I've ever spent in my life. I'm now sponsored on a 457 Visa - this would never have happened without the help of ISCC Australia! I would highly recommend this option to anybody who wants results fast.

    Chris Sharma

  2. I had my PR but could not find a job in accounting after trying very hard. I was applying for every job possible and was calling every opportunity to try get an interview but failed every time. I really needed help - all of the career coaching companies I spoke to seemed geared for people in a job already and quoted very expensive fees. I found ISCC Australia, booked a meeting and signed up for the online course. I didnt realize how many mistakes I was making and what the market expects from you in Australia. I've grown so much in confidence from doing the course and wish I did it sooner. I found a job and will apply for more coaching in the future as I learnt so much from the experience.

    My-Opia Ng

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