Who are we?

ISCC Australia offer online and face-to-face career coaching courses specifically designed for international students looking for paid work in their area of expertise, and continued career success, in Australia.

The business achieves this by giving a clear and concise process for its customers to follow and supports its customers throughout the journey. The business’ mission is to teach international students on how to work as their own recruitment consultant, market mapping their target companies, and taking themselves to market through an in-depth proactive approach.

ISCC Australia was founded by Karl Rowlands who at the time was career coaching individual Sydney based international students.
Karl surveyed over 2000 international students over a 4-year period between 2012 and 2016 to understand the main pains and areas requiring the most support. Karl was working for Navitas Professional heading up internship programs for international students in conjunction with Curtin, Latrobe and Macquarie Universities in Sydney along with a number of international programs. Due to his popularity amongst the community Karl started career coaching for a hobby and was eventually approached by ACGI to create a service that was scalable, could help as many international students as possible whilst adding value and a return on investment.

It was the start of 2016 that the ISCC business was formed due to ongoing demand for services, the business was originally an online career coaching course that allowed multiple international students to work through 10 online sessions with the assistance of founder Karl Rowlands through webinars and has evolved rapidly.

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Meet The Team
  1. Karl Rowlands - Managing Director/Founder
    Originally from North Wales in the United Kingdom Karl worked as a technology recruiter placing candidates from all different levels from entry level infrastructure support right through to C-Level executives. After working in recruitment in Britain Karl decided to up sticks and leave his friends and family to set up a new life for himself in Sydney, Australia. Moving to the other side of the world was a massive decision and one that Karl felt was the right thing to do. Karl worked another year as an IT recruiter before he started his next role as the head of internship programs for three different Sydney based Universities for a global education provider on the ASX 100. It was while working in this position that he realised just how hard it is for international students to get by, pass their studies and deal with significant family pressure and in addition the cost involved is simply mind blowing. With five years recruitment consultancy experience Karl found himself constantly coaching and helping those students he was finding workplace internships for.
  2. Lan (Nyx) Yue - Business Development Consultant.
    Nyx is one of the brightest Business Development prospects within the international career coaching industry in Australia. An A grade international student studying a Business Master’s degree at the University of Sydney, Nyx acts as the relationship manager between students and the ISCC Australia business. Nyx plays an important role for the business as she has on the ground knowledge of the pains that International students in Australia receive every day. Nyx is in constant contact with our students to ensure their journey is successful along with making sure that our course content is up to date and relevant by listening to our clients. Nyx has a growing number of accounts that she manages for the ISCC Australia business, if you’re an interested student or a student agency who would like to understand more about ISCC Australia then please don’t hesitate to contact Nyx today.
  3. Siyang Zhou - Research & sales consultant
    Siyang is our go to person when were designing the course materials and content. She is also the person who looks after the majority of the research that goes in to the course from an international students perspective. We here at ISCC Australia have completed hundreds of questionnaires to gain feedback on how to design our course it was these results, our background in recruitment and Siyang's insight to international students that has been instrumental in this process being successful. Currently Siyang is based in China working for Guangdong Industry Technical College, her responsibilities include the course delivery to first and second year students in the programs with the University of Sunshine Coast. Siyang works on a number of research based projects for the business and is involved as a advisor for our sales cycle for overseas students when required. Siyang also helps us approach Chinese speaking partners here in Sydney and overseas allowing us to gain online affiliates along with commission partners for our referral scheme.